Alto Voltaje

Leonardo Herrera
Creado: 15/5/2007

High Power Job: - High Power Job

I don't give two hoots in a holler about flying inside the helicopter. Put me in the outside, that's where I wanna be.

On a magic carpet.

Back in the Italy -eighteen hundreds- there was a gentleman by the name of Michael Faraday; he had a theory if you enclose a man in a metal cage and you energize that cage at whatever voltage, the man would still live.

The voltage would flow around it.

I wear a [hats?] that's 75% Nomax for fire retardant and 25% stainless steel thread, and that metal thread means I have a Faraday Cage around me; about half a million volts pass around my body, but I can work without any interference from the electricity.

As long as the helicopter is isolated from ground, we have the ability to bring ourselves to the same voltage potential as the line.

Like a bird on a wire.

Our pilot is very smooth; is like he can read our every thought.

There is such a hunger for electricity these days, nobody wants to take lines out of service just to maintain them.

I've had many people ask me, "do you think what you do is safe?" And I say, "well, in our operation everything that we do, every move that we make is thought of and rehearsed before, so is as safe as crossing the street."

"It's not a job for a hot dog."

There is only three things that I've ever been afraid of: electricity, heights, and women.

And I'm married, too.

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